Assisted Living in Houston Allows Seniors to Enjoy Aging in Place

One of the great American dreams is home ownership. Many spend two or three decades paying off their mortgage to make sure they have a decent home by the time they retire. It is ironic then that when old age sets in, getting around the house gets ever harder, as a article shows:

Alberta Hough struggles to feed herself a snack, her arms shaking badly from Parkinson’s disease. Days earlier, the 84-year-old had fallen while eating, sliding off her kitchen chair.

The rest of Hough’s day isn’t much easier to navigate. She wobbles into a bathtub with no grab bar. Her feet catch on damaged floor tiles. Part of the banister she needs to steady herself on the stairs has pulled out of the wall. At the back door, a rickety wooden ramp no longer supports the scooter that helps her get around.

The environment in which someone lives can be as disabling as a disease, and too often, older Americans wind up in a nursing home not because they’re super-sick but because they can’t get through their days safely at home.

Simple changes can allow seniors to age in place

The possibility of falling down the stairs or slipping in the shower is a constant threat for seniors. To avoid these accidents, adults often send their elderly parents to nursing homes. However, doing so means separating the elderly from the home they spent years investing in that contains decades’ worth of memories. Naturally, 90% of seniors want to live out their remaining years in their own house by “aging in place” instead of in retirement facilities.

Fortunately, contractors can retrofit a house to make it more conducive for aging in place. For example, they can replace tiles or add non-slip flooring to avoid slipping accidents. Similarly, grab bars can be placed in the bathroom to help a senior get in or out of the tub. Electrical outlets can also be installed a little higher on the wall so the elderly will not have to bend as much just to reach them.

Even with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, seniors can still age in place with the help of Houston assisted living providers such as Comfort Keepers of Sugar Land, TX. The caregivers will assist the elderly by preparing meals, doing their laundry, keeping the house clean, reminding them of their medications, and running errands like posting the mail. Equally important is the conversation and companionship they offer.

Through minor home modifications and assisted living in Houston, seniors can enjoy the home they worked so hard for to the fullest.

(Article Image and Excerpt from Simple changes can allow seniors to age in place, News & Observer, Published September 1, 2013)

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