Assisted Living in Houston: Successful and Graceful Aging Within Reach

homecaresugarland-socializing-key-succesful-aginIn October 2012, CBC News reported on the analysis conducted by Statistics Canada’s health analysis division on the participation of the elderly in social activities. Heather Gilmour, a representative from the group, stressed that seniors who take part in meaningful activities and make an effort to maintain close relationships are more likely to age more successfully. Frequent social interaction thus helps ensure a high quality of life in one’s twilight years.

Fortunately, Houston seniors don’t have any shortage of opportunities for meaningful social interaction. For instance, the Houston Parks and Recreation Department offers enough activities to fill a whole calendar. Seniors who would like to maintain independent and active lifestyles may thus want to consider arrangements for that include companionship and incidental transportation services

Gilmour emphasizes that seniors who frequently engage in social activities report that they enjoy better health. Some seniors, for instance, participate in volunteer work that allows them to do something meaningful with their time and interact with other people. Meanwhile, seniors who opt for assisted living in Houston, TX can rely on caregivers from trusted providers like Comfort Keepers of Sugar Land, TX for feeding and special dietary assistance, especially if they suffer from medical conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

Gilmour also stresses that regular social engagement lowers the odds of loneliness and dissatisfaction among elderly folk. This is perhaps a deciding factor that convinces children to hire caregivers who will look after their aging parents. Well-trained caregivers can look after a senior’s emotional well-being by encouraging them to engage in social activities.

According to the same study, health issues may hinder seniors’ desire to socialize. Even when mobility assistance and transportation services are available, there are times when getting out of the house is just not possible. In this case, families can look into hiring senior care services that provide in-home companionship to ensure that their aging loved ones don’t feel alone and isolated.

Growing old doesn’t mean having to give up your social life. In fact, the elderly can reap various health and psychological benefits from continued social interaction. An active social life, coupled with quality care from providers like Comfort Keepers of Sugar Land, TX, can make successful and graceful aging within reach.