Caregivers in Sugar Land, TX Help Seniors Enjoy Family Traditions

Family is all about tradition, and for many seniors these traditions take on even more meaning as they age. Unfortunately, mobility and cognitive limitations can make it difficult for them to participate in the family traditions that they so love. If you are at the caregiver for an aging loved one, you can make it possible for your senior to continue to enjoy family traditions in meaningful ways through careful planning and simple modifications.

Caregivers in Sugar Land, TXMost family traditions revolve around holidays. Easter, Passover, Thanksgiving, Christmas and many other holidays bring with them a wide array of traditions that have often been passed down through many generations. Encouraging your aging loved one to continue being a part of these traditions is a valuable part of your role as caregiver because it supports your aging loved one’s desire to continue being an integral part of the family.

Here are some tips for modifying family traditions so that your aging loved ones can continue to participate and enjoy quality time with the family:

  • If it is traditional that your mother prepares the menu for a holiday or special occasion, suggests that it become a family event. Allow her to participate in any way that she can, of by it tell her that her most important role is helping the younger generation learn the techniques and recipes of the traditional menu.
  • Higher and in home care provider to be available during the celebration to help with mobility or cognitive issues so that your aging loved one does not feel like a burden, but also is that you can feel confident that his needs are being met while he is participating in the traditions.
  • If going on a special outing is a central part of a family tradition, but mobility issues make it impossible for your aging loved one to participate, utilize technology to help him continue to be a part of this outing. Using an iPad with video chat capability allows you to connect to your aging loved ones that he can see what is going on, and you can feel as though he is there.
  • Even if family celebrations are generally held in one location, move the entire event to your aging loved one so that he is safer and more comfortable

Keep in mind of the most important part of family traditions is family. Even if traditions need to be modified slightly in order to accommodate your aging loved ones, having your aging loved one participating in any aspect of the family traditions will create lasting memories and reaffirm relationships that are extremely valuable. Make your aging loved one a part of planning for holidays and other special events so you can work together to create new family traditions that will accommodate his physical and cognitive needs. You may just find that these traditions are even more fun than those of the past!

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