The Benefits of Using a Home Care Services in Greatwood, TX

Home Care Services in Greatwood, TX

There comes a time in every senior’s life where they can no longer do all the duties that are required every day to take care of all their needs. It’s quite common when mom passes on first to find that dad isn’t doing very well by himself. Perhaps mom was in the habit of doing […]

In-home Care—The Houston Assisted Living Service You’re Looking For

Two-thirds of people over the age of 65 need help completing the tasks of daily living, either from special devices such as canes, scooters and bathroom grab bars or from another person, new research shows. “If people are finding ways to successfully deal with their disability with help from devices or people, or they’re reducing […]

Assisted Living in Houston: Gearing Up for the Active Baby Boomers

Senior Living

“Baby boomers” is the term used for those born in the US from 1946 to 1964. They make up around 20% of the country’s population, making them an important driving force in the country’s economy.

Comforts of Home: Elderly Needs Met by Houston Home Care Services

Older People

When an elderly loved one has to deal with chronic conditions and limitations in their ability to care for themselves, many families start thinking about putting the senior in an elderly care facility. This is especially true for children who are busy with their own activities, including their jobs and their own families.

Sugar Land TX, Home Health Services Provide Care and Companionship

Snowbound Elderly

Sometimes the level of care that an elderly family member needs is more than what a family can provide, particularly if the elderly has to deal with medical conditions. It is never easy to admit that a parent you looked up to for help and nurturing has become susceptible to sickness and harm, and is […]

Even Heroes in Senior Care At Houston Need Help From Trusted Experts

It is inevitable that the strong parents you looked up to when you were growing up will suddenly start physically or mentally declining in some way, and you want to be there for them even if you have your own family to tend to. Stefanie Arias of My San has one such story:

Houston Senior Care Providers Respond to Impending Alzheimer’s Surge

It can be frightening to imagine an elderly parent or loved one succumbing to a degenerative disorder such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. The loss of one’s cognitive functions can impact not only the affected individual’s quality of life but also that of the individual’s family. The consequent financial costs and emotional toll can prove rather […]

Heal at Home: Home Health Care in Houston Speeds Recovery for Elderly

An article on The Sentinel website posted last November 10, 2013 notes the boom of the home health care industry. As the numbers of the country’s elderly continue to swell, it’s expected that the number of caregivers will also follow suit to meet health care demands. Interestingly, the article mentions a report on the effects […]

Home, Sweet Home: Getting Services for Sugar Land, TX Home Health Care

A Forbes website article dated November 1, 2013 discusses the state of home care services in America. The nation’s elderly are in dire need of proper health care, and institutional nursing homes might not be suitable for all retirees. The article reveals some figures regarding this industry:

Assisted Living in Houston Allows Seniors to Enjoy Aging in Place

Simple changes can allow seniors to age in place

One of the great American dreams is home ownership. Many spend two or three decades paying off their mortgage to make sure they have a decent home by the time they retire. It is ironic then that when old age sets in, getting around the house gets ever harder, as a article shows: Alberta […]