Family Members Can Hire In-Home Senior Care in Houston for Elders

Rising rates of Alzheimer’s

Individuals born between 1965 and 1980 are likely to think that the last time they experienced an awkward stage was back during their adolescent years. In reality, the Generation X is undergoing the in-between stage of having to care for both their Generation Y offspring and their aging Baby Boomer parents. They are now the […]

The Need for Reliable Home Health in Sugar Land, TX Continues to Grow

World not ready for aging population

A study conducted by the United Nations and HelpAge International revealed that by 2050, the world’s elderly population would surpass the number of kids aged below 15. This means that reliable health care will be a great need for senior citizens in the future, even though the global situation for healthcare is barely holding up […]

Taking Care of the Elderly: Benefits of Assisted Living in Houston

Choices Give New Meaning to ‘Home, Sweet Home’

The growing number of the elderly population in most industrialized countries like the U.S. has given rise to new social problems. Who will take care of them and how will the younger generation fill the gap in the attendant loss of productivity to provide the necessary economic support? Even in developing countries like China, an […]

Senior Care in Houston: Promoting Independent Living for the Elderly

China's 'visit your parents' law weighs on many in one-child nation

Why is it that you were in a hurry to grow up when you were a kid, but you suddenly miss your younger days when you’ve finally reached adulthood? This is one of the biggest realizations that people face as they get older. On the other hand, it brings into mind another question: why is […]

Maintaining the Quality of Home Health Care in Houston Through Improved and Unified Standards

Jobs abound for home health care workers, but training is key

Home health care in Houston is spearheaded by high-quality providers. They benefit the community not just by providing quality care for those who need it, but by providing gainful employment to workers, as well. A Medill Reports article presents an overview on how the industry is doing in terms of job generation: An aging population […]

Industry Projections for Home Health in Sugar Land, TX: What They Mean

Home health care firms foresee boom, challenges

There are new developments looming over the horizon that are expected to alter the status quo of the home health care industry for both the companies and their clients. Big changes are expected and they are projected to surface in approximately 17 years. A article explains: According to one projection, the number of people […]

Reliable Houston Home Health Care Services Combine Professional Care with a Personal Touch

MEDCottages, also known as “granny pods”, are small 12 x 24 foot cottages specially designed for senior care that may be built within the proximity of a relative-caregiver. Each unit comes with a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchenette; and high-tech features meant to ensure senior residents’ security, comfort, and supervision. As reported by Susan Seliger in […]

Care for Caregivers: Reputable Sugar Land, TX Home Health Providers Can Help Children Caregivers Look after Their Elderly

Children caregivers who are looking after an aging or sick parent should also look after their own well-being. This was the advice given by Gail Sheehy in an article for, where she listed six ways on how children caregivers can care for themselves. Ms. Sheehy pointed out that a child caregiver can only provide […]

Assisted Living in Houston: Successful and Graceful Aging Within Reach

In October 2012, CBC News reported on the analysis conducted by Statistics Canada’s health analysis division on the participation of the elderly in social activities. Heather Gilmour, a representative from the group, stressed that seniors who take part in meaningful activities and make an effort to maintain close relationships are more likely to age more […]

Quality Senior Care in Houston Enables Healthy and Active Lifestyles

Nutrition Month (which is held annually in March) may be over, but it doesn’t mean that one can enjoy nutritious meals all-year round. Senior citizens, in particular, should aim to eat healthy and maintain active lifestyles. Ted Whipp’s article for the Windsor Star offers very doable tips for healthy eating from expert dieticians, and it […]