Responsible Elderly Care in Sugar Land, TX: the Flu Vaccine

The flu is a dangerous thing for everybody, but when it comes to seniors, this illness can represent a very serious health risk. After the age of 65, aging adults are much more susceptible to the development of serious illnesses, and have a more difficult time recovering from these illnesses. This makes prevention a critical aspect of responsible elderly care. If you are an elder care provider for an aging loved one, it is important for you to understand your role in protecting your senior from the serious illnesses so that you can do your part in keeping your loved one as healthy, vibrant and active as possible.

Elderly Care in Sugar Land, TXElder care providers recommend that all people over the age of 65 receive the flu vaccine on an annual basis. It is important to receive the flu vaccine every year because influenza is a virus that mutates extremely quickly, meaning that the strain that exists every flu season is slightly different than the one the year before. A flu vaccine is only effective on the specific strains for which it was developed, so it is important that a senior receive the vaccine that is for the strains that are present in each season.

It is also recommended that elderly care providers also receive the vaccine so that there is less risk of passing germs along to the senior. Receiving a flu vaccine is not a 100 percent protection, so it is critical that elderly care providers continue to take steps to protect a senior. This includes frequent hand washing, disinfection of services and preventing other individuals that may be infected from visiting the senior.

If your aging loved one is resistant to the idea of getting a shot, ask about the nasal mist form of the immunization. This missed is simply inhaled, but has been shown to be highly effective in protecting the recipient from developing the flu. There are some people who are not appropriate candidates for such an application, however, so it is critical that you discuss this medication with your loved one’s doctor prior to having the medication administered.

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