Employment Opportunities

Comforting Solutions is looking for new caregivers to join their team!

Have you always felt like you’ve had that special ability of taking care of others? Do you think you are the nurturing type? If you think you are, and you want to put that to good use, why not try your luck applying with us at Comfort Keepers? We accept applicants from all walks of life, whether you’ve had an experience being a caregiver before, or you just want to make a difference in a senior’s life. We can give you an opportunity to share your unique talents while enabling you to help seniors stay independent and keep living the lifestyle they desire.

All home care applicants need to be able to provide and meet the following requirements:

  • High School diploma or equivalency
  • Two professional work references
  • Ability to read, write, and speak English proficiently
  • A Car
  • Current driver’s license
  • Current auto Insurance
  • 1 year minimum experience
  • Clear Criminal Background
  • Clear Driving Record
  • Pass Drug Test
  • You must be a CNA
    We are constantly looking to hire compassionate caregivers, who has exemplary passion for the job, to join the Comfort Keepers team! If you’re interested, fill out and submit a request for employment (SEE THE FORM BELOW), and a representative from our office will be in touch with you to entertain any questions or discuss any available openings.

    We are more than willing to talk about any concerns or suggestions you might have regarding the position or the services we offer. If you possess all of the qualifications listed above, then by all means, do apply. This is your chance to make a senior citizen feel at ease during this period of his or her life.

    Comforting Solutions is a home care center offering elder care in Stafford, TX and surrounding areas. Contact us at (832) 361-4323 for more information.


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