Even Heroes in Senior Care At Houston Need Help From Trusted Experts

It is inevitable that the strong parents you looked up to when you were growing up will suddenly start physically or mentally declining in some way, and you want to be there for them even if you have your own family to tend to. Stefanie Arias of My San Antonio.com has one such story:

“It started with rides to the grocery store and doctor’s office. Then came the calls that she thought she’d broken her leg or was having a reaction to a pill. Then she started to have trouble walking, she wasn’t able to cook anymore, she woke up and just wasn’t able to do anything.

Tom Cortese knew his 88-year-old mother Mildred needed care that was up to him to provide.”

Data from the 2010 US Census reports that approximately four million out of 25 million Texans are at least 50 years old with roughly 800,000 breaking the 80-year barrier. At least 20% of the population are estimated to hit retirement age by 2030.

caring for others begins with self-care

With a rising number of Texan seniors looming in the years ahead, it poses problems for their younger loved ones. When it is not possible for an elderly to be looked after by their relatives all the time, you may consider tapping expert services for senior care from Houston.

Serious consideration and evaluation must be made before signing up your seniors for caregiving. For instance, Cortese and his wife said they have worked with his son and daughter-in-law to move in with his mother and take care of several needs. At the same time, though, they resent other relatives not lending a hand.

A Houston senior care provider such as Comfort Keepers can assist families like the Corteses through custom care programs. The carers themselves will be carefully screened and trained to provide the best comfort possible for their ward. In some ways, an elderly loved one will never be alone in the twilight of life.

(Article Information and Image from Caring for others begins with self-care, My San Antonio.com, 27 January 2014)

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