Family Members Can Hire In-Home Senior Care in Houston for Elders

Individuals born between 1965 and 1980 are likely to think that the last time they experienced an awkward stage was back during their adolescent years. In reality, the Generation X is undergoing the in-between stage of having to care for both their Generation Y offspring and their aging Baby Boomer parents. They are now the “sandwich generation”, and the rising incidence of Alzheimer’s disease among their parents is not making their role as dual caretaker any easier. A explains why:

Nearly half of all seniors who need some form of long-term care – from help at home to full-time care in a facility – have dementia, the World Alzheimer Report said Thursday. It’s a staggering problem as the global population ages, placing enormous strain on families who provide the bulk of that care at least early on, and on national economies alike.

Indeed, cognitive impairment is the strongest predictor of who will move into a care facility within the next two years, 7.5 times more likely than people with cancer, heart disease or other chronic ailments of older adults, the report found.

Rising rates of Alzheimer’s

It is estimated that 1.3 million Americans live their senior years in nursing homes. This ensures that the parents are still being looked after while their children work and take care of their own families. However, nine out 10 seniors want to spend their old age in the comfort of their own home instead of in retirement facilities.

Companies like Comfort Keepers of Sugar Land, Texas provide an alternative option for senior care in Houston by giving non-medical in-home services. Their caregivers can live full-time with a parent suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, offering assistance through meal preparation, housekeeping and medication reminders, among others. They also offer companionship, and can organize various activities to stimulate a senior’s mind and senses.

Providing the best elder care possible is a child’s way of repaying the years of love and support they received from their parents. On the other hand, they must also honor a parent’s desire to live at home during their twilight years, as well. Fortunately, in-home senior care in Houston, TX provides a happy compromise between the two goals.

(Article Image and Excerpt from Rising rates of Alzheimer’s placing enormous strain on families, Fox News, Published September 20, 2013)

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