Heal at Home: Home Health Care in Houston Speeds Recovery for Elderly

An article on The Sentinel website posted last November 10, 2013 notes the boom of the home health care industry. As the numbers of the country’s elderly continue to swell, it’s expected that the number of caregivers will also follow suit to meet health care demands. Interestingly, the article mentions a report on the effects of home health care:

The $7 billion jump follows a 30-year trend witnessed in home health care — including hospice care, home health and private duty home care — that shows the industry outpacing growth as compared to all others nationwide through the next seven years, according to the report “Impact of the Home care and Hospice Industry on Pennsylvania’s Economy.”


The report emphasizes the wellness benefits of resorting first to home health care before hospitalizing a patient, insisting that people heal better in a residential setting.

The vast majority of our seniors want to stay in their homes and remain independent,” Cumberland County Commissioner Jim Hertzler said. “It contributes to their longevity.”

Homes aren’t as well-equipped as most medical facilities, yet the elderly usually elect to stay in their own residences instead of confining themselves in a hospital. Fortunately, individuals can bring hospital-like care to their aged loved ones in the form of home health care. If the article is any indication, home health care in Houston, as provided by companies like Comfort Keepers, can greatly improve the health of an elderly patient.

There are numerous benefits to home health care that are reason enough for folks to enlist such services for their elderly relatives. A health care worker can provide one-on-one care to a single elderly person, ensuring that the patient is properly cared for and supervised; home care services are also usually more affordable than nursing home accommodations. Additionally, caregivers can fulfill small personal roles for the elderly, such as giving them a ride or serving as company.

Families interested in hiring caregivers can turn to licensed Houston home care companies to provide aid. These caregivers are knowledgeable in medicine, and can help administer basic medications and treatments as needed. They’re also warm and friendly, and can be the best of companions for those lonely days.

(Article Excerpt and Image from A Long Haul: Home health care industry to boom, The Sentinel, November 10, 2013)

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