Help Loved Ones Make a Meaningful Shift to Assisted Living in Houston

As people age, they stand to lose some functions that have worked well for them in the past. In her piece for Forbes, Carolyn Rosenblatt states how it affected even her:

“When my 63-year-old brother, Robert, had a massive, paralyzing stroke, the doctors thought he wouldn’t make it. Things looked very grim. Until he stood up by the side of his bed a few days later and tried to get to the bathroom. That began his remarkable road to recovery. He’s still on it.

Fast forward three months, and lots of rehab later and it’s time to leave the skilled nursing facility. I wonder how many of us have been or will be in this situation, figuring out the next step for someone who can’t live alone again after being hospitalized. It could be your aging parent. It could be your spouse or partner. It could be you.”

The dilemma of sudden medical conditions affecting your body at an advanced age, like a stroke, is enough to cause you and your loved ones sleepless nights. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that Texas is one of 15 states with a stroke prevalence rate of at least 3%. When you have a loved one bedridden from stroke and need to devote resources to their recovery, you can help them through reputable providers of assisted living in Houston such as Comfort Keepers.

six ways to help transition a loved one to assisted living

If you are prepared to hire an assisted living specialist for your loved one, Rosenblatt suggests meeting with healthcare personnel attending to them; discuss the patient’s overall situation plus potential recommendations for further treatment and their medication. You can then mark a scheduled date for moving the loved one to a specific place where their assisted living carer will start servicing them.

Rosenblatt acknowledges that moving a loved one to an assisted-living location under care can be traumatic. A Houston, TX assisted living service like Comfort Keepers may help through trained personnel that will familiarize with their charge in your presence; once they have established a good arrangement, the transition can be completed.

(Article Information and Image from Six Ways To Help Transition A Loved One To Assisted Living: The Inside Story, Forbes)

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