Home Care Services Help Seniors Share Love in Stafford, TX

Valentine’s Day may be over, but that doesn’t mean that sharing love is out of date. Aging adult sometimes have difficulty expressing themselves, or may not have access to their friends and family, resulting in feelings of isolation, sadness and depression. Home care services can help ease these feelings by helping seniors share love with the people around them. This will boost feelings of acknowledgment and happiness, as well as promote bonding and intergenerational relationships.

Home Care Services in Stafford, TXSome of the ways that an in home care provider can help seniors share love include:

  • Buy cards, postcards and stationary for seniors that don’t commonly leave the house so that those seniors can write letters to distant friends and relatives
  • Help a senior set up a social media account and utilize it to connect with loved ones
  • Encourage a senior to send care packages to the youngest members of the family. This can be especially fun for seniors who like to shop and can pick out books, mementos and small toys that can be sent home every couple of weeks to maintain contact
  • Start a scrapbook or family album that will be left to the younger generations
  • Set up a schedule of reminders to help the senior member to make phone calls or send messages
  • Help seniors understand new technology that can help them to have video chats or send text messages to loved ones
  • Help to organize and run small family or friend gatherings in the home. The home care services companion can help with light meal preparation or shopping for premade food, helping to organize and clean the home and keeping the senior safe and involved throughout the gathering.

Love is something that no one ever grows out of. No matter how old you get, it is important to feel and express love for friends and family members. Home care services can help seniors find creative and accessible ways to show love to friends and family that will help them to continue feeling connected and involved. It is important to remember that showing love does not have to be expensive. A simple note or phone call is extremely meaningful.

The caregivers at Comfort Keepers are available to talk with you and your family about all of your senior care needs. Comforting Solutions for In-Home Care is an elder care agency providing quality and affordable home care services in Stafford, TX and the surrounding areas. Call (832) 361-4323 for more information.

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Demetrius Flenaugh is a 20 year U.S. Army Veteran and is experienced and highly qualified in addressing the home health care needs and concerns of seniors. His passion for helping others led him to volunteer with various organizations throughout his military career.
After spending the better part of the last 20 years moving from one assignment to another, he decided that moving to Sugar Land, TX provided an excellent opportunity to grow his family and serve his community. His dedication to providing quality, in-home care enables him to have a direct impact on enhancing the quality of life of seniors and other adults who need assistance with the activities of daily living.
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