Home, Sweet Home: Getting Services for Sugar Land, TX Home Health Care

A Forbes website article dated November 1, 2013 discusses the state of home care services in America. The nation’s elderly are in dire need of proper health care, and institutional nursing homes might not be suitable for all retirees. The article reveals some figures regarding this industry:

An AARP Public Policy Institute report put the problem in stark relief: Its “caregiver support ratio,” defined as the number of potential caregivers for every person over 80 in the prime age group of 45-64 (unpaid family members and paid home aides) was 7 to 1 in 2010. By 2030, four years after the first boomers turn 80, however, the ratio will have plummeted to 4 to 1 and it will continue to drop until hitting 3 to 1 in 2050.


According to the report, about 14% of adults in the prime caregiving age group actually provided care for someone over age 80 in 2009; another 14% assisted someone younger than 80. To put it in perspective, more than half of adults 80 or older today have a severe disability and about a third need help bathing, dressing, cooking or performing other routine activities.

More and more pensioners require aid, and there are worries that there won’t be enough caregivers to help. As early as now, individuals with elderly loved ones should seriously consider hiring health care personnel. Sugar Land, TX home health services can provide the aged comfort when they most need it, and the earlier this care is given, the better.

A home health care worker can be a godsend for the elderly, as well as for the disabled and the infirm. Home health care workers are akin to hospital nurses in that they can assist elderly individuals with small medications, as well as help the patients accomplish tasks that they can’t do alone. Folks with loved ones of advanced age shouldn’t hesitate to enlist proper home health care, as it can drastically improve the quality of a pensioner’s life.

Hiring a home health care worker can be a little overwhelming, however. Folks will obviously want to hire a worker whom they can completely trust their loved ones with. Fortunately, there are professional and experienced at home health services in Sugar Land, TX such as Comfort Keepers that are very reliable and trustworthy.


(Article Excerpt and Image from The New Rules For Hiring Home Health Aides, Forbes, November 1, 2013)

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