Houston Home Care Information: Mental Health Problems of the Elderly

For the elderly, mental health can be just as fickle and prone to illnesses as their physical health, which is why many families opt to hire reputable Houston home health care services for their loved ones. It is quite common for American families to struggle with loved ones developing dementia, Parkinson’s disease and amnesia, among others. Despite this fact, though, many families and individuals remain reluctant to seek help, making mental health issues under-identified in the clinical research field.

mental health and older adults

Possible Causes

In general, there is a host of physical, emotional and psychosocial variables that can affect a person’s mental health at any moment. However, these can be aggravated when it comes to the elderly, as they develop physical or social problems that they might have never encountered in their prime, making them more vulnerable to depression.

The Physical Side

It is a common knowledge that one’s physical and mental states are often intertwined, with problems in one causing a ripple effect within the other. For instance, certain studies have found out that older people with heart disease have a greater risk of developing depression. Physical and emotional neglect is also a common precursor to mental instability among the elderly.

On Dementia

The World Health Organization has it that dementia is quite a prevalent condition among aging people:

“There are significant social and economic issues in terms of the direct costs of medical, social and informal care associated with dementia. Moreover, physical, emotional and economic pressures can cause great stress to families. Support is needed from the health, social, financial and legal systems for both people with dementia and their caregivers.”

The Need for Home Care

All this only stresses out the need for efficient Houston home care for your elderly loved ones, if only to keep them from feeling neglected or overwhelmed by their growing physical or emotional troubles. Efficient caregivers from companies like Comfort Keepers® for instance, can give them the right amount of support that they need in this part of their lives.

(Article Information and Image from Mental health and older adults, World Health Organization)

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