Houston Senior Care: Children and Professional Caregivers as Partners

Senior care in Houston, Texas and elsewhere involves various arrangements to help seniors in their daily lives. Professional caregivers may be hired to provide assistance to elderly people who can still freely move about on their own, but need assistance in performing certain functions. More intensive caregiving may be needed by those who have advanced medical conditions.

Aging Parents

In addition to these professionals, many adult children also actively participate in caring for their aging parents. An article by Paul Sullivan for The Wall Street Journal narrates the personal experiences of some of these adult children. One of the stories is from Katy Butler:

“Katy Butler, author of “Knocking on Heaven’s Door: The Path to a Better Way of Death,” an account of her eight years caring for her father and mother, regularly traveled from her home in Mill Valley, Calif., to be with them in Connecticut near Wesleyan University, where her father had taught history.

While she visited two to four times a year (for several years, they helped pay her travel costs), she said she also worked from home to help them, pursuing her freelance science writing. At that distance, she struggled to find caregivers for her father after he had a severe stroke and then dementia, and later for her mother, who resisted any help at first. Ms. Butler said she wished that instead of trying to do everything herself, she had enlisted family members to do more.”

The article also gives brief statements on how adult children can better help with senior care for their parents, from proper communication to wise investments for assisted living. Effort on the part of the children should also be constant, so their parents can continue to live in comfort and dignity through the last chapters in their lives.

Fortunately, children caregivers can count on Houston senior care services, such as that provided by Comfort Keepers® of Sugar Land, TX, for assistance. The professional and warm caring of these trained caregivers can greatly ease the strain on children caregivers, and allow them to go on with their own lives.

(Source: Caring for Aging Parents, Even From a Distance, The New York Times, 19 Nov, 2013)

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