Is Your Aging Parent Having a Total Knee Replacement Soon? Elder Care in Stafford, TX Can Help Recovery at Home

A total knee replacement is a relatively common surgery among seniors. The knee is an extremely delicate joint that undergoes tremendous use throughout life. This means that in aging people, the knees may give out or sustain injuries serious enough to require that the joint be totally replaced. Despite being so common, a knee replacement is still a serious surgery that requires extensive recovery. Much of this recovery will occur at home, meaning that a senior must have sufficient care to ensure that their recovery is speedy and healthy.

Elder Care in Stafford, TXElder care professionals can provide major relief when it comes to your aging parent recovering from a total knee replacement surgery. It is likely not practical for you to quit your job and spend all of your time providing care for your parent. Hiring an elder care professional will ensure that your aging parent won’t have to deal with mobility issues that are sure to be a part of recovering from total knee surgery without assistance. You may not realize just how much you use your knees and how much of a challenge it will be for your aging parent when recovering from a total knee replacement surgery. Consider, however, your daily activities. Try to do the following things without bending your knee:

• Get out of bed

• Walk across the room

• Take a bath or shower

• Get dressed

• Get in and out of a chair

• Get to the kitchen to prepare a meal

• Use the restroom

• Get into or out of a car

• Run errands

You will quickly see that recovering from such surgery makes it difficult, if not impossible, to do some of these regular activities. Add to it the pain of recovery and your aging parent will be facing quite a challenge. An elder care professional can offer the assistance that your aging parent needs to meet his daily needs and recover as quickly as possible. In addition to mobility and personal care assistance, an elder care companion can also provide medication reminders and help with physical therapy as is directed by your parent’s physician.

The caregivers at Comfort Keepers are available to talk with you and your family about all of your elder care needs. Comforting Solutions for In-Home Care is an elder care agency providing quality and affordable senior care in Stafford, TX and the surrounding areas. Call (832) 361-4323 for more information.

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