Maintaining the Quality of Home Health Care in Houston Through Improved and Unified Standards

Home health care in Houston is spearheaded by high-quality providers. They benefit the community not just by providing quality care for those who need it, but by providing gainful employment to workers, as well. A Medill Reports article presents an overview on how the industry is doing in terms of job generation:

An aging population and a growing desire to remain at home have led to greater demand for home health aides and personal care aides. However, local experts say quality training is key to success in a field that’s expected to grow by nearly 70 percent from 2010 to 2020, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In June, the health care industry gained nearly 20,000 jobs from May, even as the overall unemployment rate remained unchanged.

Jobs abound for home health care workers, but training is key

As per industry requirements, each employee needs to undergo training and be registered before they are deployed to the homes of seniors. There is always room for further preparation though, especially with an enormous amount of opportunities about to become available within the industry by 2020. To ensure that the quality of service isn’t compromised with the increase in workers, standards need to be set for a more comprehensive profile of workers’ physical and mental capabilities.

Reputable Houston home care providers such as Comfort Keepers® of Sugar Land, TX conduct extensive screening on their workers to ensure that they are capable of doing the required tasks. To maintain the competence of new workers, the adoption of higher standards for the industry should be enforced so that the quality work is consistent throughout all U.S. regions.

The creation of comprehensive personal profiles for prospective employees in the industry can help companies identify and hire the correct workers with greater ease and speed. Additionally, introducing a new and more extensive training program for home care providers will also raise standards across the board, working to set a higher bar for employees within the industry. Off-duty educational programs can also help further the knowledge of workers in the field so that they can address any issue that emerges with their clients with greater urgency.

(From Jobs abound for home health care workers, but training is key, Medill Reports, July 29, 2013)