Our Caregivers

Who are the Comfort Keepers®?

Comfort Keepers – this is the name we give to our care givers – the compassionate professionals who provide the highest quality in home health services in Sugar Land, TX. It is because of them that our premier brand of home healthcare is possible.

Through their dedication, hard work, and senior care skills, they are able to enrich the lives of many of those who need assistance for daily activities. Helping them gain independence and live safely and comfortably in their own homes is the Comfort Keepers mission in life.

Not Everyone Can Be A Comfort Keeper!

Becoming a Comfort Keeper is not something everyone can qualify for. The first prerequisite they need to have is – the heart for caregiving. Some people just have a natural gift for caring for others. We look for people who are devoted to their field because they gain a lot of satisfaction from helping others.

We put all our candidates thorough a tough screening and interviewing process to identify whether they have what it takes to be a Comfort Keeper. Candidates who make it through our extensive background check will then undergo extensive training in our own special kind of home care we call – “Interactive Caregiving.”

Professional & Well-Trained

Only after complete the training will they go on to serve our many clients needing in home health services in Sugar Land, TX and the surrounding areas. Senior care can at times be a demanding job, but with the proper training and a love for the work, our caregivers shine among others in the at-home health services industry.

Additionally, our Comfort Keepers are bonded, insured and covered by Workers’ Compensation insurance. This helps protect our clients and their families from any mishaps that may happen to our employees at their home while doing their duties. And, as Comfort Keepers employees, we also take care of their payroll taxes.

Personalized Service from Comfort Keepers

Our caregivers are trained and naturally form strong healthful relationships with their clients. To further improve those relationships and for the best assisted living service, we carefully match our Comfort Keeper’s personalities, interests, and skills with the needs of the client.

We also make a custom home healthcare plan that includes the various services we offer to make each unique case a complete in-home care solution to promote independent living.

For more information about Comfort Keepers® in home health services in Sugar Land, TX or our other service areas, please visit our Contact Us page. We serve Houston, Stafford, Southwest Houston, TX and Sugar Land, TX, Richmond, Mission Bend and the surrounding communities.