Reliable Houston Home Health Care Services Combine Professional Care with a Personal Touch

homecaresugarland-backyard-grandmas-new-apartmentMEDCottages, also known as “granny pods”, are small 12 x 24 foot cottages specially designed for senior care that may be built within the proximity of a relative-caregiver. Each unit comes with a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchenette; and high-tech features meant to ensure senior residents’ security, comfort, and supervision. As reported by Susan Seliger in, these cottages offer an option to seniors who prefer not to stay in nursing homes.

Granny pods come with such features as special rubber floors, balancing trapeze hooks on ceiling tracks, and a camera system that can help nearby caregivers monitor the senior’s movements while inside the cottage. While these granny pods have not yet reached the state of Texas, they demonstrate how many families prefer to provide home care to their elderly loved ones, instead of placing them in nursing home care. Families in Houston, Texas who wish to personally look after their senior relatives can benefit greatly from professional Houston home health care givers.

While children caregivers would want to devote as much of their time as possible in looking after a sick or aging parent, they may also need to attend to their own needs. This is particularly true if the child caregiver has a job, or their own family that needs their attention. Additionally, experts say that children caregiver also have to look after their own health and well-being.

A granny pod can help make caring for seniors easier and more convenient, while allowing seniors a more independent lifestyle. However, this kind of arrangement is not for everyone. The cost and logistics involved in putting up one of these cottages may not be appropriate to a family’s circumstances.

Personally giving an elderly parent or relative the attention they need can be very rewarding. In occasions where this may not be practical or feasible, Houston home care services from reputable providers like Comfort Keepers of Sugar Land, TX can be a preferable alternative. The caregivers at these firms are properly screened for their background, ability, and training.

These caregivers can assist relatives in providing the best possible home care to a senior loved one. Where high tech measures may be missing, their personal attentiveness and professional training will help ensure a senior’s safety and comfort. A “granny pod” might someday become a staple in senior care, but many will certainly still prefer the personal touch of an attentive caregiver.