Accepting Unwanted Advice in Senior Care Arrangements in Missouri City, TX

If there is one thing that you can always rely on seniors to provide it is unsolicited advice. Seniors tend to have extremely strong opinions about essentially everything in life, and are quick to share these opinions when the situation presents itself. As a senior care provider it can quickly become tiresome to be subject this unwanted advice. So how do you handle the seemingly constant onslaught of advice that you can’t use and simply don’t want to hear?

When you are providing senior care services to an aging loved one that has the habit of sharing every thought, insight and opinion that she has about everything that comes up, there are ways that you can graciously listen to what your loved one has to say but also diffuse the situation as effectively as possible.

Senior Care in Missoury City, TXHere are some tips for getting through this sometimes awkward situation:

Nod and Smile

The ultimate of sweeping this unwanted advice under the rug, when your loved one begins offering tips and “helpful suggestions”, simply employ the technique of nodding, smiling and moving on. Your acknowledgement of the advice will appease your loved one, while your prompt moving along to another topic or activity will prevent her from dwelling on the advice and continuing to bring it up.

Explain and Defend

If you feel that it is all too common for the advice that your aging loved one offers to go completely against what you believe or stand for, the avoidance tactic may not be appropriate. To avoid unseemly arguments that are bound to occur when tensions build and you can’t take being offended anymore, simply cut your loved one off at the pass by thanking her for her input then explaining that you disagree with her approach and would rather her not offer any more suggestions on the topic. Explain your view point, but don’t feel the need to justify your thoughts or apologize for being different.

Acknowledge and Agree

Sometimes a meddling senior needs to hear that you not only acknowledge the advice, but that you intend on using it as well. Something as simple as “Thank you, I’ll keep that in mind,” can do wonders at quieting the insistence from your loved one.

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