Awareness in Senior Care in Stafford, TX: Melanoma Monday

Skin cancer is one of the silent threats of senior care. There are many other disease and conditions that seniors face, but due to their more prevalent symptoms they are often considered more pressing than skin cancer. Each May, Melanoma Monday brings the realities of skin cancer to the forefront of public awareness and helps provide support, encouragement and education in a cooperative effort to eradicate this potentially deadly condition.

Melanoma Monday 2013 will be held May 6 and is an opportunity for you to learn how to integrate valuable skin protection into your senior care efforts. It is important to remember that seniors are often at an increased risk of overexposure to the sun due to their more sensitive skin. As skin ages it becomes thinner, more delicate and more Senior Care in Stafford, TXsusceptible to damage and harm than when it was younger. As a senior care provider it is essential you pay careful attention to keeping your aging loved one safe and healthy at all times.

Of the various types of skin cancer, melanoma is the deadliest. It is estimated that one American dies of this disease every hour. Once it develops, the melanoma moves quickly from the skin to the lymph nodes. Fortunately, if it is detected and treated before this move happens, the person has a 98% chance of survival. Educated, conscientious senior care will help your aging loved one stay safe from the damaging effects of the sun.

This year there are many things you can do to bring senior care awareness to melanoma. As with many other diseases, this disease has its own signature color. Supporters are encouraged to wear orange on May 6. Also available this year are special rubber bracelets that were designed to bring attention to the power of UV rays. While these bracelets start out white, they turn bright blue when exposed to UV rays. This acts as a fantastic visual reminder of your skin’s constant exposure to damaging UV rays. Encouraging your family to wear these will not only help everyone to understand how prevalent these rays are, even on cloudy days, but remind them to protect their skin every day.

Melanoma Monday is a great chance for you to bring skin health to the attention of your aging loved one. If you are comfortable with it, consider examining your loved one for suspicious areas or growths on her skin, or bring her to her physician for a thorough examination. Early detection is critical to the success of treatments.

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