Making Home Safety an Important Element of Senior Care in Sugar Land, TX

While senior care is generally focused on the physical, medical and cognitive needs of the senior, an important element of this type of care needs to be an emphasis on home safety. You never want to think about your aging parents becoming the victim of a home invasion or other concern. Providing adequate senior care, however, is about making sure that you think about all of the things that could pose a risk for your aging loved ones’ health and well-being, and taking measures to protect them from these concerns.

Senior Care in Sugar Land, TXHome security is something that everybody needs to think about, regardless of their age or health. For seniors, however, home security becomes about not just keeping unwanted people out of their homes, but potentially also keeping the seniors inside their homes. Concerns such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are often linked to wandering activity. This means that a senior may simply leave the home, and wander away without any knowledge of how to return. The seniors can end up far away from home, not knowing where they are and be in serious danger. Providing adequate home security for your aging loved one is an important step in keeping him safe both from the inside and outside of his home.

A senior care agency and local locksmith can combine forces to help you create a home security plan that is appropriate for your aging loved one. The senior care agency will be able to explain to you different concerns related to home safety in regards to the particular conditions of your parents, and a locksmith can evaluate the home through the eyes of someone that truly understands locks and other forms of security. Don’t think that installing a single lock on the front door will be adequate. You must also keep in mind other entry point and potentially vulnerable places that could pose a risk to your senior such as windows and basement doors. Make sure that you understand how all of the locks and other home safety elements work so you can explain them adequately to your parents and know how to best implement them for their safety.

The caregivers at Comfort Keepers are available to talk with you and your family about all of your senior care needs. Comforting Solutions for In-Home Care is an elder care agency providing quality and affordable senior care in Sugar Land, TX and the surrounding areas. Call (832) 361-4323 for more information.

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Demetrius Flenaugh is a 20 year U.S. Army Veteran and is experienced and highly qualified in addressing the home health care needs and concerns of seniors. His passion for helping others led him to volunteer with various organizations throughout his military career.
After spending the better part of the last 20 years moving from one assignment to another, he decided that moving to Sugar Land, TX provided an excellent opportunity to grow his family and serve his community. His dedication to providing quality, in-home care enables him to have a direct impact on enhancing the quality of life of seniors and other adults who need assistance with the activities of daily living.
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