Taking Care of the Elderly: Benefits of Assisted Living in Houston

The growing number of the elderly population in most industrialized countries like the U.S. has given rise to new social problems. Who will take care of them and how will the younger generation fill the gap in the attendant loss of productivity to provide the necessary economic support? Even in developing countries like China, an aging population has become a major concern.

Fortunately, in major cities like Houston, the most populous urban center in Texas (TX), families have various options in taking care of the elderly. An article by Fran Hawthorne, published by The New York Times, says as much:

As millions of baby boomers reach retirement age (and in many cases care for elderly parents), families and the retirement industry have reworked old lifestyle formats and created hybrids. “We used to think that a person lived in their home, and if they got frail they moved in with a relative or to a nursing home,” said Jon Pynoos, a professor of gerontology, policy and planning at the University of Southern California. “People need more choices.”

The first choice of most people…is to stay put. When AARP surveyed 2,000 Americans in late 1999, 89 percent of those age 55 and older said they would prefer not to leave their current residences.

Choices Give New Meaning to ‘Home, Sweet Home’

The article may have cited an old survey but chances are, most Americans still feel the same way today. The good news is that this can easily be addressed through assisted living in Houston that enables the elderly to stay in the comforts of their home while being aided to live as independently as possible. Others may find different ways to help the elderly, but if given a choice, most senior citizens would probably prefer assisted living services.

As Hawthorne mentions average monthly costs for different forms of senior care, the amount of $3,450 for assisted living is comparatively cheaper than other services. The benefits you can get from these service providers like Comfort Keepers® of Sugar Land, TX in personal care and other needs of the elderly would justify any cost. If you want to take good care of your loved ones, assisted living in Houston, TX is one of the best ways to do it.

(From Choices Give New Meaning to ‘Home, Sweet Home’, The New York Times, September 9. 2013)