Things to Remember When Looking for Houston Assisted Living Services

Old age affects people in different ways: some people retain their usual selves despite the weakness of their bodies while others lose much of their cognitive and motor functions. The latter is for whom the concept of assisted living is designed for, as these people now need assistance in carrying out their daily routines like eating or bathing. While this is an apt description of the concept as a whole, Forbes says that assisted living centers have varying standards for quality and service:

It is all about the aides. Forget about the wood paneling and fresh flowers in the lobby. When you visit facilities, watch the interaction between staff and residents. Do the aides know the residents by name? Do they seem rushed or do they spend time to chat with residents? What are staffing levels like, especially at night?


There is also the fact that some centers extend their services to people with disabilities regardless of age. As such, it is imperative for families to take a lot of things into consideration before they send their loved ones to assisted living centers. These same factors can also be used when looking for other caregivers like Comfort Keepers of Sugar Land, who provide unique, interactive, stay-at-home assisted living in Houston.

Licenses and certifications are very important because they can give families an idea of the kind of services to expect from the caregivers. For example, caregivers who primarily cater to people with cognitive conditions (i.e. dementia) should have the necessary training and experience in psychiatry because, as Forbes pointed out, not everyone who can deal with these ailments actually do well on them. As one of the leaders for in-house assisted living in Houston, TX, the people from Comfort Keepers of Sugar Land are certified nurse assistants and home health aides who have at least one year of senior care experience under their belts.

The extent of the services offered is also important since the whole idea of assisted living goes beyond medical treatments. Some centers and caregivers may provide transportation, hygiene, and general housekeeping services, while others may offer fitness programs and social activities in addition to the usual amenities. Retirement communities and nursing homes may have their own assisted living functions of their own, which could be useful for elderly people with existing health problems.


(Article Excerpt and Image fromWhat You Need To Know About Assisted Living Facilities, Forbes, May 17, 2013)

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